We are a 501C3 non profit foundation that operates solely off your
donations to help our little angels. These special need dog’s
only means of support is from you. Please help today.

Dogs Available For Sponsorship


My name is Vito and I am a four year old three pound Chihuahua. When I came to La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation, I had no hair on my head, ears, legs or tail. I was mistreated and neglected and I did not trust anyone. I use to snip at stranger’s hands when they reached for me, but with a little love from my rescue group, I now will give kisses to everyone I meet.

Unfortunately, the only way I knew to sooth my stress from years of neglect was to lick and chew my extremities for hours which lead to a horrible laceration and infection down to my urethra on my penis. I have seen many a professional vet trying to save my penis from the Calabasas Animal Clinic, Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group and the Westlake Village Animal Hospital. After racking up medical bills exceeding $2,200.00 the doctor had to amputate my penis. The successful surgery called Perineal Urethrostomy was performed by Daniel Slaton DMV (One of the best vets out there.)

I am currently losing weight and must be feed with an eye dropper and I will have to be medicated for the rest of my life to reduce my anxiety. Please donate so that I can receive continued care and may see happier days ahead.

Sponsorship goal:



My name is Sheba and I am a seventeen year old Akita. I have had a good life, but I can no longer get around on my own. My caretakers carry me up and down stairs daily to eliminate waste. Because of an inoperable blockage in my bladder, I can not actually pee on my own and I must have my bladder physically emptied by my care givers. I have to take medication for the remainder of my life, but I still have a lot of love to give.

Sponsorship goal:
We are extremely sad to say that Sheba was experiencing pain and distress and a diminished quality of life in recent days. We had to lay her to rest next to her mate Cujo in the hills of Calabasas. Sheba was like a child to us and a true family member. She will be missed by all her knew her.



My name is Bambi and I came to La Dolce Vita after being found on the streets with wounds from a dog attack. I am told I am the sweetest little girl and that I am extremely shy. I usually hang my head low all day but if you tickle my chin I will look you straight in the eyes and gulp and shiver with emotion.

I suffer from a strange affliction where I experience epileptic seizures. I need a lot of special TLC and I unfortunately can not be adopted out and must live out the rest of my life at the rescue. However, I love it when a volunteer comes to visit and spends time holding me tight.

Sponsorship goal:
$55.00 monthly



This is a picture of Lonny whom was found living under some trash in an empty field in Van Nuys, Ca. He was going to be put down at the East Valley Animal Shelter the day he came to our non profit rescue (www.ladolcevitarescue.com). Lonny is exceptionally sweet and loves to cuddle and place his face under your chin like an infant. He loves to find a piece of clothing that smells like his caretaker and sleep on it for security. Lonny will unfortunately flinch each time he is touched because of severe abuse. He is a very sad Terrier with skin, teeth, liver, eye and intestinal medical issues that needs immediate treatment. The cost to rehab Lonny is $1,240.00. Lonny is only one dog out of our group of animals that needs help from generous people like you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sponsorship goal: $1,240.00 or $65.00 a month

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