Tagz 4 Wagz

Each year over three million dogs are euthanized in crowded shelters across America. Tagz4Wagz is a project where 100% of your purchase of our necklace tags will go to the rescue of dogs from shelters; the well being of dogs; and additional proceeds will be divided out to worth while organizations like the ASPCA and other reputable programs to save dogs.

Project description: We take previously owned dog tags, and when possible the actual tag from the euthanized dog, and engrave the Shelter ID number of the K9 and the date the dog was put to sleep onto the tag. Each tag is hand engraved by an artist using Intaglio acid etching (techniques which became popular around 1471 by Italian Master Alberto Durero). The art-works depicted on the tags are iconic images made popular in today’s media. It is our purpose to memorialize the life of the dog so it is not forgotten. A picture and brief description of the dog are included.

By purchasing these tags you are actually saving another dog’s life by providing money to pull red listed dogs out of the shelters that may have been euthanized.

If paying by check, please make payable to: La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation 501 C 3 non profit

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